We thank you for Your trust in Buangin App. Please take Your time to read the whole Terms of Use of Buangin.

If You use the Buangin Service on the Buangin App, You will be deemed to have read and agreed to the Buangin Terms of Use. Therefore, if You do not agree to part or all of the conditions of the Buangin Terms of Use, please discontinue the use of Buangin Service.


Unless specifically defined below and in other parts of the Buangin Terms of Use, capital letters used in the Buangin Terms of Use must be interpreted in accordance with the terms in the Buangin Terms of Use.

Trash are item that will be sent by the picker to the processing partner using the services of a Picker through Buangin.

Buangin is a Trash management service organized by PT Alam Bersih Sejahtera as one of Our affiliates, provided by Picker Partner by using motorized vehicles, to deliver Trash from the pickup location of the processing unit.


You are required to provide complete and accurate information regarding the complete address of the pickup of the trash, and the type of trash to be delivered by writing the details of the item (e.g., category, quantity)

Should you deem necessary, subject to your own assessment in accordance with the details of the Trash, you can do packaging on the Trash so that the Trash sent by the Picker Partner are not damaged during the trip.

Fees of the Buangin Service’s performance (“User Fee”) will be displayed on the Buangin App before you use Buangin Services. You understand and acknowledge that We can change the offer and/or update the User Fee offered from area based on certain factors, including location, time, applicable laws and regulations. If there are other costs incurred during the provision of Buangin for You, including wrong quantity, wrong type, wrong address, then You are fully responsible for these costs and the Picker Partner has the right to request reimbursement of these other costs of Yours, or reject the order.

Payment of other fees as referred to in number 2(d) can be made in cash or paid through other payment features available in the Gojek App.


When a User uses Buangin Services, the User is obliged to ensure that the trash delivered are trash that are not categorized as illegal categorized trash, among:

Restricted Items, including but not limited to:

Money (cash, coins, foreign currency);

Narcotics, marijuana, morphine, and other products that cause addiction;

Bio Hazard trash in any form;

Delivery that requires a longer duration than the required transit time;

Living animals and plants;

Easily damaged groceries and beverages that require refrigeration or a controlled environment;

Explosives, firearms, weapons, and parts thereof;

Gambling device and lottery ticket;

Government-controlled goods;

Goods resulting from crime, for example stolen goods and so on; and/or

Other goods which are prohibited by applicable laws and regulations;


Trash that picked cannot be refund or return to users, we are directly process your trash and not provide safekeeping services, the user need to ensure that they want to send the trash to be process by our Partner.


In the event that You experience loss or problems during the provision of Buangin Service, We will, with Our best efforts, help bring You together with the relevant Picker Partner in seeking solutions for the problem. We do not have any obligation for any problems or disputes that arise between You and the Picker Partner, including for taking legal action as deemed necessary by You or the Picker Partner.

The Picker Partner has the right to refuse Your Buangin Service request if the Picker Partner has reasonable reasons to suspect that You have, or by accepting an order from You, You will violate the Buangin Terms of Use, the Buangin Terms of Use or applicable laws and regulations.